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TeamCamp Predictions for 2015

December 23, 2014

Chris Schmitt

For the 5th year running TeamCampers spent a happy evening together talking about things to come in 2015. This is always one of my favorite TeamCamp meetings as talking about interesting technologies and the changes ahead always leads to creative ideas and opportunities. This year was no different:

Ian – 1. Tanking oil prices are really going to hurt Alberta and Canada however this will prove to be a boon for Ontario; 2. There will be digital factories that will manufacture many things in one place (Tri told us this is called “in-place manufacturing”).

Alain – 1. Quad copter drones will start making deliveries; 2. There will be a lot of drone accidents; 3. Someone will invent the teleportation of odors. Awe, that stinks!

Chris P – There will be a big boom in eCommerce and a resultant decline in Big Box stores. Chris’ prediction led to a lively discussion on the future of commerce and integration with apps.

Vicki – There will be another housing crash in the United States.

Moni – 1. Over the next few years automated driving will cause huge job losses; 2. Tesla will crash and burn.

Tri – 1. Customized clothing will become more and more popular; 2. It will be a big year for Koneka.

Chris S – 1. Agile will begin to flourish in the enterprise; 2. The invention of highly efficient batteries proliferation of charging stations will finally make electric vehicles viable.

JF – 1. IT security will remain a major issue; 2. A lot of emphasis in IoT, consumer 3d Printing/Scanning, a lot of Kickstarters. It still won’t be mainstream as you won’t be able to purchase 3d printed replacement parts for your broken home appliance yet, but we’re heading that way; 3. The current SaS trend will continue; 4. Windows 10 might actually be decent.

Have a Happy Holiday and joyful and prosperous New Year!


PS – You can review predictions from previous years here.

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