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TeamCamp Christmas – Predictions for 2013

December 20, 2012

Chris Schmitt

Another year, a whole new batch of predictions. Once again we gathered around the virtual fireplace at the The Code Factory, enjoying cupcakes and port wine, wondering about what awaits us all in 2013. We had 3 straight years of pretty good predictions from the team. You can see here: 201020112012.

Predictions for 2013:

Chris – 1) Blackberry 10 will bring life to RIM. It won’t restore RIM to it’s former glory but it will resurrect the company’s smart phone business. Chris even predicts that BB10 will grab more market share than Windows 8. Prediction 2 – The number of Intellectual Property lawyers will double within the year.

Tri – The end of the world will not be tomorrow. If he’s wrong no one will know the difference.

Ian – the US will not go over the “fiscal cliff”. The US economy is too important. The Euro crisis is real however.

Moni – 1) The New York Stock Exchange was sold today. More mergers like this will occur. 2) More legislation of permits in the City of Ottawa.

Andrew – Windows 8 phones will gain the 3rd spot within 2 years. The rest of the group predicted Windows 8 would do “ok”. No consensus on what exactly “ok” means however.

Chris S. – 2013 will be the year of the “Internet of Things”. Sensors will will be everywhere monitoring almost every aspect of our lives.

JC – Commoditization and localization of manufacturing. Robotics and 3D printing will bring manufacturing back to North America.

We also lively discussions about startups, robot dragonflies, the resurgence of cupcakes (although we agreed muffins were more manly) and a great number of other fascinating topics. Will our predictions pan out? I guess we’ll have to check next Christmas!

Happy holidays to all and see you in 2013!